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It is almost summer, and many of us are looking forward to merrier times when we can walk and play outside with our pets. Unfortunately, this is also the season for pet emergencies because dogs and cats will nibble on anything that looks or smells delicious.

There are a lot of threats to pets because some of the items they eat contain ingredients that are harmful to their delicate digestive system. Most of the time, dogs will do more than cats because they go beyond the sniffing to eat out an entire package of M&Ms or chicken leftovers they found on the sidewalk.

Pet owners' worst nightmare is a long weekend or night at the vet because their furry friend has a rather severe condition or illness. Our best animal clinic has put together a few things to help you know whether you should bring them down for emergency services before things get any worse.

Signs You Need Dog Urgent Care In Dublin Now

Swollen Abdomen

There are many reasons your dog's abdomen will be stiff and swollen for a long time. They may be experiencing usual bloat or indigestion or far worse issues like the following:

  • Liver dysfunction
  • Uterine infections
  • Internal bleeding
  • Heart failure

A hard abdomen is a serious issue that you must not ignore, especially when coupled with other factors like lethargy, limps, and overall signs of unimaginable pain.

Toxic Exposure

Pets can be exposed to toxins a lot faster because they are constantly touching and playing with many items inside and outside of the home. A few random and everyday things that could be causing toxicity include chocolate, avocados, slug bait, tulip, artificial sweeteners, and grapes, among many more. You might want to see us if they show signs of pain after consuming any of these or other things that you suspect caused the toxic levels.


How can you tell your pet is in pain? Most will vocalize their discomfort with rare sounds, drool, panting, or limpness. Other times, they will be extremely lazy and avoid touch on areas causing discomfort, such as the tummy.

Excessive Vomiting

All pets vomit when there is no cause for alarm, and however, rapid vomiting for an extended period could signify a stomach infection or a worse condition. Take your pet to a vet when diarrhea or vomiting is beyond control because they are losing water quickly and struggling with a progressive underlying issue.

Stuck Waste

The inability to excrete waste by urine or feces is a sign of severe constipation, infection, or a life-threatening condition. Ultimately, you want to take your pet to the clinic when in doubt, and they will be able to offer an accurate diagnosis and fast treatment solution.

Good Life Vet Care is a veterinary clinic that protects your dog by offering dedicated services on all working days, between morning and evening and up to noon on Saturday. Contact us online to get started with your appointment for emergency vet services.

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