Drug Rehabs In Pennsylvania

Drug Rehabs In Pennsylvania

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, get the help you need before it's too late. There are seemingly countless drug rehabs in Pennsylvania, but don't make the mistake of assuming all drug rehabs are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, many drug rehabs in Pennsylvania serve as revolving doors where addicts go in, leave, relapse, and go back again. Choosing the right drug rehab can make all the difference.

Montco Recovery takes an innovative approach to substance abuse recovery and addiction treatment. Our cutting-edge services and state-of-the-art facilities help more addicts recover than other drug rehabs in Pennsylvania. One of the problems with drug rehabs is that their inpatient and outpatient services are too rigorous for many suffering addicts to get help.

Partial Hospitalization Vs. Inpatient Treatment

For example, consider Michael. Michael has a problem with prescription painkillers. Michael is a husband and a father of three young children. Michael operates his own construction business and works 12-16 hours a day. His company is demanding, and he is needed onsite every day. Michael knows he needs help, but all the drug rehabs in Pennsylvania want him to stop working for thirty days to admit himself for inpatient treatment. Michael can't commit to such a demanding program, so he never gets the help he needs, and his problems continue to spiral out of control.

The example of Michael is one that many Pennsylvanians can relate. It's not always easy to put your life on hold to get treatment. Indeed, it's rarely possible for anyone to put their lives on hold altogether. For that reason, Montco Recovery offers partial hospitalization as an alternative to full inpatient treatment other drug rehabs in Pennsylvania offers.

Partial hospitalization requires a significant commitment of time and effort. Patients in the partial hospitalization program are expected to attend five hours of inpatient services each day for five days each week. During partial hospitalization, patients must actively participate in all therapeutic activities, groups, and counseling. The upside to Montco Recovery's partial inpatient program is that our patients can still work, pay their bills, and be at home each night with their families.

Many people wonder if our partial hospitalization program works because it defies the conventional wisdom of inpatient treatment services. The numbers speak for themselves. Montco Recovery has a higher long-term sobriety success rate than any other drug rehabs in Pennsylvania. Even as we defy clinical norms, our system is validated over and over again.

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At Montco Recovery Center, we customize our addiction treatment services to the needs and personalities of each patient. With dual diagnosis, we get the root of the problems, because we well know that addiction most often is a symptom an underlying issue. Additionally, our therapies are dynamic, and we teach our patients coping skills along with new tools and resources to use in the real world.

If you or someone you leave needs help, don't hesitate to seek the services of Montco Recovery, one of the best drug rehab in Pennsylvania. Our programs are flexible, prices are affordable, and addiction specialists are among the most qualified in PA. Give us a call today and see what our team can do for you.

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