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What do most people do when they wake up to their car retching in the living room or the dog wincing when you try to pet them? Many people will go online to find suggestions for treating constipation or muscle pulls with kitchen ingredients, an at-home first aid process, and other impossible remedies.

The indicators of a proper pet emergency are never apparent to many of us until the screams and discomfort look apparent. We advise owners to follow up on any first-aid care with professional vet care in the next hour or day. This case is because you may have stopped the bleeding or cut but maybe missed an infection that could spread to internal organs.

Types Of Emergency Vet Problems To Take To A Veterinary Care Nearby


Cuts, bleeding, and wounds are all kinds of physical injuries that need emergency service. The first step would be to secure the area with a dressing or wound or simply direct pressure to stop the bleeding until you can wipe or wash it with saline water. The next step is to bring the pet to our best animal clinic so we can look at the wound, replace the dressing with a medical band-aid and administer painkillers or antibiotics to stop growing pains or infections.

Difficult Breathing

Difficulty breathing is caused by several issues, including heart failure, asthma, allergies, or foreign objects. Some pet owners already know the underlying issues that could be causing the problem, but we recommend you come in for a checkup, especially if there are several threatening conditions.

Try to administer CPR if the pet stops breathing, and then transport them to our veterinary clinic office immediately because they may be struggling with obstructive items, chest wall, pneumonia, or poisoning, among other things.

Broken Bones And Fractures

Many things result in broken joints, bones, and fractures, such as a fall, accidents with cars, etc. Attempt to cover the area with a padded cloth to relieve pain and prevent unnecessary movement. After that, the best thing is not to try any physical manipulation but instead lay them on the mat surface, such as a box, while transporting them to our vet's office.


Seizures result from many different things, including heart complications, blood clots, an imbalance in electrolytes, and many more conditions. Typically, a seizure only lasts a couple of minutes and will go away fast if the pet is not at risk of complex underlying medical issues.

There is not much you can do when the pet is having a seizure except to try and remove things and conditions that will hurt them. Bring in your pet if they do not have a history of seizures, or the condition is getting worse, and the seizure lasts longer than two minutes.

Coming in early could be the difference between healing and a stroke or heart attack. Our emergency vet in Dublin OH welcomes you to contact us online or call 614-791-9191 if you have any concerns you would like us to address before you bring them for emergency vet services.

Emergency Vet Dublin OH
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