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Equine Performance Supplements

Equine Performance Supplements

Benefits Of Equine Performance Supplements To The Digestive System

Human athletes aren't the only ones who need a boost in performance. Horses also need this extra push when they are active competitors in sports. Although the capabilities of horses vary regarding strength and endurance, there is one golden rule that applies to every horse. The rule is that good health and nutrition are key factors to guarantee success. This is why many people are beginning to give equine performance supplements to their performance horses.

Benefits Of Equine Performance Supplements

Before your horse can give its maximum performance, it needs to be fit inside-out. Many problems can hinder performance in horses, and most of those problems are related to the digestive system of the horse. When the digestive system of the horse isn't functioning properly, this can lead to a lot of things that will ultimately affect performance. Learning as much as you can about the digestive problems horses face can help you to improve their health and get the best out of your horse. When these problems are solved, everything from training to competitions will be spectacular.

How The Digestive Health Affects Performance

Horses often feed on grass. Grazing is enough to sustain the horse through daily activities and allow proper bodily function. However, when and you and your horse are active competitors in sports that require maximum utilization of energy and maximum muscle breakdown, grazing all day may not be sufficient. A horse that is engaged in sports should be given supplements to enrich the nutrition. Most of these supplements come in the form of grain that is rich in starch and other minerals and vitamins. An equine performance enhancing supplement allows nutrients to reach the hindgut thus boosting the horses’ ability to engage the hind legs. If the digestive tract of your horse isn't functioning properly, nutrients will not reach the hindgut, and your horse may not be able to perform optimally. Also, proper supplementation can help your horse maintain a healthy weight and shiny coat.

Equine performance supplements are easy to digest. They give your horse a quick and healthy boost in performance because they are nutrient rich. If you want your horse to do its best, you need to train its digestive system by improving feeding techniques and supplementing especially just before a competition and during training. When you confine your horse to a stall for more than six hours a day and only allow the horse to access forage only twice to three times a day, you are not preparing the horse for optimal performance.

The right supplement is formulated to help the performance horse meet rigorous requirements of everyday life. These supplements target the digestive system of the horse ensuring a better use of nutrients and optimal performance. It is the first step to getting the best result out of your performance horse.


For improved immunity, optimal nutrition, fitness, and healthy weight, it is vital that you supplement the diet of your horse with rich supplements that make it easy for the horse to digest and use nutrients quickly and efficiently. These supplements also help boost recovery after strenuous training and competitions.


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