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Many of us naturally worry about exposing our pets to harmful rays like X-rays because they may be a lot more fragile than ourselves. Most vets will openly tell you that X-rays should only be used sparingly when the benefits outweigh the risks. This case means you should not regularly use X-rays on any of your pets if other means are far safer and better for the intended purpose.

However, X-rays at the vet are only 18% of the total amount they are exposed to at any given time. Most radiation comes from other unsuspecting things like food, digital screens, the sun, and more. We advise clients on the importance of a requested X-ray on a case-by-case basis and will be more than glad to help put things in perspective when you finally come in for a session. Meanwhile, our veterinary care nearby has explained a few reasons the pet X-rays are helpful below for your reference.

Benefits Of Using Pet X-Ray In Dublin Ohio

Comprehensive Care

X-rays are essential because they diagnose issues we cannot identify with sheer vision. Traditional radiography is not good either because it results in a lower quality of images and will not give detailed images without some manipulation.

We are proud to be a vet clinic with a machine that can take entire body X-ray images in less than a minute. These scans are recorded as simple digital files for future viewing, so there is no need to retake the scan every time we have to look back at the diagnosis imagery.

The scans help examine deep-seated features like body organs, tissues, and bones. This means we should be able to identify foreign objects they have swallowed that are causing discomfort, diagnose a pregnancy, and estimate the condition of a heart of heart illness. All our exams go through the well abled and educated vet, who will offer an accurate interpretation of things for the most accurate treatment plan and animal hospital and veterinary supply.

Convenient Solution

The best animal clinic has the option to use a traditional scanning machine to zoom in and out of areas. The problem with these is that all images are produced as hard copies, and we would have to store them in climate-controlled spaces that prevent damage over time.

The digital files are more convenient for faster retrievals, which means we save the amount of time waiting to check out.

Accurate Results

The best X-ray pictures will be detailed because they have sufficient pixel quality. For instance, it would be tough to examine and measure the condition of infected lungs with a poor scanning machine. We do not have to manipulate our X-ray system any more than a few simple settings, after which we can accurately see the dimensions of internal images and form an accurate report that will include an excellent treatment plan.

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Pet X-Ray Dublin Ohio
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