Veterinary Clinic Doral

Veterinary Clinic Doral

Your pet is a beloved member of your family and needs to get proper care and attention. As a pet owner you are responsible to ensure the health of your pet. This includes vaccinations and wellness checkups from a quality veterinary clinic in Doral. If your pet is sick or injured you need to seek expert medical care from a professional veterinary clinic in Doral. Your pet should begin regular exams and vaccinations when they are young with continued care throughout their lives.

Veterinary Services

Your veterinary clinic in Doral provides comprehensive medical services for your pet. Whether you have a kitten or cat, puppy or dog or pocket pet, we are here to provide the best and most reliable care possible to keep your pet healthy. Some of the services we offer include pet wellness exams, health maintenance, diagnostics, surgery and dental care. We also offer reliable pet boarding services.

A pet wellness exam is a comprehensive examination that is performed by the veterinarian. The vet will examine your pet’s teeth and mouth, eyes and vision, ears, respiratory system, heart, lymph nodes, reflexes, abdomen, skin, muscles and joints. In addition, blood tests will be completed to check for the function of the organs, blood and other internal systems.

Regular deworming is essential, particularly in young pets. Deworming eliminates the possibility of parasites that can infect your pet. Parasites include roundworms, tapeworms and hook worms. In addition, your pet will be tested for heartworm and heartworm preventative medication will be prescribed.

Additional Services

Our veterinary clinic in Doral also offers a variety of other pet medical services. Health maintenance services include the administration of vaccinations that are necessary to prevent many of the common illnesses and diseases to which you pet may be exposed. Vaccinations are generally categorized by core and non-core vaccines.

Core vaccines are those that are generally required for good health. Non-core vaccines are recommended for pets under certain conditions. Also a part of our maintenance services are nutritional counseling, prescription diets, behavioral counseling and microchipping. The vet will talk to you about the need for any of these services.

Diagnostic testing is essential to assist in determining the best course of treatment for your pet. Some of the diagnostics tools that we utilize include digital radiology, in-house laboratory, ultrasound, video otoscopy, electrocardiograms and endoscopy. The use of these high-tech testing tools enables us to pinpoint your pet’s problem quickly so that the proper treatment can be rendered.

Just as with humans, sometimes surgery is the best option for your pet. Our vet is highly trained and practiced in veterinary surgery. We handle all types of soft tissue surgery, anesthesia, pain management and laser therapy (Class 4). We offer the best methods of care and treatment to promote healing and reduce stress in your pet.

Dental care is an essential part of the good health of your pet. We offer dental cleanings as well as digital dental radiology and oral surgery. We help you maintain your pet’s oral health to promote healthy teeth and gums.


Veterinary Clinic Doral

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