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Pet Nutrition Dublin

Pet Nutrition Dublin

Pet Nutrition Dublin

The pet industry has become big business since more people became open to keeping pets as part of the family. The pet food industry is currently worth $15 billion across the world. The food industry of pets sources most of its resources from the human food and agricultural sector. The built-in business may not maintain the same nutritional standard as that of humans.

Some pet foods are the byproducts of processed human food. Sadly, these pet products will also not last as long as their source. Our pets do not have a natural adaptation for consuming waste food for long. Animals have almost as many systems like the human body and require optimum nutritional content.

Should you feed pets commercial or homemade foods?

Commercial foods have a composition that should provide holistic health benefits. They usually include a complex mix of grains, vegetables, vitamins, and meat. Dry foods will strengthen your pet’s teeth. 

Natural foods are equally nutritious when served in the right quantities. A professional vet understands which ratios will fit your pet’s individualistic requirements.

What is the importance of proper pet nutrition in Dublin?

Pets need the full array of a well-balanced diet.


Adults need to maintain a sixty percent body water content, and puppies need at least eighty-four percent at all times. You should feed your pet more water than you do the food.


Proteins are essential to pets. Cats require a more significant percentage of proteins because they are obligate carnivores. Dogs need just as much even though they can eat other food types apart from meat. The precise science of a pet’s diet states that dogs require ten of the twenty amino acids, while cats require eleven.

Proteins are the biggest triggers for allergies in pets. It is vital to feed the pet with food that suits their age, energy requirement, and species.


They provide a good percentage of energy that surpasses that of many carbohydrates. A sudden heavy consumption of fats is likely to trigger inflammation in the pancreas.

Fats enhance the taste and feel of food. Your pet may snack on too many fried eggs or fatty meat and develop an obesity issue.  

Minerals and vitamins

These vital nutrients will maintain your pet’s nerve system and body energy. They are the building block of the body’s ability to absorb and process bio-chemicals. Unlike humans, they do not need to supplement to meet the dietary needs of vitamins and minerals.


Dry pet food provides up to seventy percent of the required energy. It is crucial to maintain the proper amounts to prevent weight gain or reduce an excessive one.

The right quotient and type of starch will give your pet a healthy GI tract from the incorporated fiber. Good Life Vet Care will provide you with the exact nutrient contents to maintain proper health of the pets.

Pet nutrition in Dublin will help your pet maintain the proper body weight and overall health. We incorporate adequate feeding habits into medical solutions, to speed up recovery and sustain the newfound wellness.

Pet Nutrition Dublin

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