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Pet Vaccinations Dublin

Pet Vaccinations Dublin

Pet Vaccinations Dublin

At Good Life Vet Care, we provide pet vaccinations in Dublin for both young dogs and cats and older dogs and cats. It is important to choose the right veterinarian or your pet vaccinations. As you will see, pet vaccinations can be toxic – even lethal – if they are not administered appropriately. Pets need vaccinations. There is no doubt about that! But it is a very thin line between vaccinating pets and over-vaccinating pets. Good Life Veterinarian Care can walk that tightrope for you to make sure your pets are protected but not poisoned.

The Need for Pet Vaccinations in Dublin

Puppies are especially susceptible to parvo and distemper. Parvo is a gastrointestinal disease that causes vomiting and diarrhea. Distemper starts as an upper respiratory disease and becomes a neurological disease. Both parvo and distemper are the main things we worry about with puppies, and they are both so easy to treat with simple pet vaccinations!

We typically provide dogs with three rounds of vaccinations just to boost their immunity up all the way. If you keep your dog away from any other dogs that you think may not be well-vaccinated until your dog is well-vaccinated, then he or she should be okay.

Cats need vaccinations as well. Kittens are especially prone to upper respiratory tract infections. We'll vaccinate against those to make sure that they don't become a problem later. Additionally, we provide a rabies vaccine to both cats and dogs because rabies is a 100% lethal illness. However, rabies vaccinations are only good for one year, so you'll need to bring your pets in annually for renewed rabies shots.

The Importance of Rabies Vaccinations

Rabies is a very terrible disease that is communicable to animals and humans, so we need to make sure that we keep every cat and dog vaccinated against rabies. Rabies can come from other animal bites, whether that be from a rabid dog or a bat. Bats are especially high-risk for rabies and more dangerous because it's less likely that you will know if your animal was bitten by a bat. With rabies vaccinations, your cats and dogs will be protected against rabies should they come into contact with it.

Bring Your Pets in to Good Life Veterinarian Care

If you are going to adopt a puppy or an older dog or a kitten or an older cat, bring them into Good Life Veterinarian Care so we can see exactly what they need and give them proper care and protection. This way, they won't have any issues later on. As a pet owner, if there is one thing that you need to do, it is getting your animals vaccinated and spayed or neutered. It will prevent so many problems in the long-run!

It's important that you take your pet to the right veterinarian because there is a risk for over-vaccination. You'll want to be sure that you choose a vet who can administer vaccinations safely and properly. Choose Good Life Veterinarian Care and get your pet the care it deserves.

Pet Vaccinations Dublin

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Pet Vaccinations Dublin

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